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Drive Your Dreams


Custom crafted campervans: a stunning home on the road

Perhaps an experience has changed your perspective on life. Perhaps you’re looking to trade your current situation for something more adventurous and free. Perhaps you’ve finally reached a point where you have the time and resources you need to realize your dreams.

It doesn’t matter how you arrive at Drifter Vans. What matters is where you go from here. And with our expert help, you’ll journey forward in comfort, luxury and style.


Discover the Exceptional Features

Supreme Comfort on the Road

Indulge in the opulent and inviting luxurious interiors of our furnished vans, designed to provide a truly relaxing and unforgettable experience wherever you go.

Tailored to Your Adventure

Our custom-built vans offer flexible and versatile layouts, allowing you to personalise the space according to your unique needs.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Built with best materials and expert craftsmanship, our vans combine durability and elegance. Invest in a van built to last, ensuring unforgettable journeys.

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Choose from one of our signature models or go full custom


The Drifter

Starting at $219,500

Terms and Conditions may apply.

Built on a Transit Trail.

The Wanderer

Starting at $195,000

depending on van type and options


Comes on Sprinter, RAM and Transit 

The Nomadik

Starting at $240,000

Built on a Ford Transit Trail

The Custom

Starting at $300,000

depending on van type and options

Comes on Sprinter, RAM and Transit 

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Real Stories, Real Experiences


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