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5 Ways To Get Wifi On The Road

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

If you road trip a lot, chances are you’ve thought about how to get Wifi in your van. If you spend the majority of time working on the road, Wifi is essential to your main source of income. So staying connected wherever you are is key to making money and maintaining your career.

Getting off the grid one of the many perks of van life, but if you’re planning to work from home, making sure you have access to Wifi when you need to is a game changer!

Know what your Internet needs are first before.

  • What will you need Wifi for? (work, games, editing, etc.)

  • Will you need to stream videos?

  • How often will you be using the Wifi?

All of these questions entirely depend on the best option for you. Once you know what you would be using it for, here are a few different ways to help you connect on the road:

1. Hot Spot On Laptop Or Smartphone

This is one of the most accessible and cost-effective ways to get what you need from your cellphone data plan. Check with your carrier if you aren’t sure what your data plan offers.

If you are able to get a mobile hotspot through your carrier, it can either cost you very little or it can be included with your phone plan! However, depending on your carrier, reception varies across the county. If you don’t have a signal on your phone, chances are you can’t access your hotspot.

No reception = No internet hotspot

This isn’t the most reliable, so we also recommend getting a wifi hotspot device which you can purchase through your carrier. More info on that below ↓

2. Wifi Hotspot Device

The second option is using a device directly from your carrier that can boost your Wifi. So what is it? This mobile device works similar to your phone’s hotspot and is a way to get even better Wifi When traveling.

This is the best option for you if there are multiple people using the hotspot connection.

However if you are sharing more than one internet connection, this will slow down the speed of your Wifi. Trying to use this with more than one person can really drain your battery life and over time your overall battery life can become less effective.

3. WeBoost

This is one of the most popular ways vanlifers tend to use in their tiny home. For added signal strength, there are cell signal boosters made for campervans, Rv’s and other recreational vehicles. These boosters are bit pricier than the previous options we’ve mentioned, however it is a one time purchase - no monthly fee or annual fee.

This will also require you to install the WeBoost in your vehicle, but the signal is significantly stronger so it is life-changing when you’re parked in an area with little service available. Keep in mind, the signal booster can’t create a signal, so if you have no service, this will do nothing.

Research a bit more before purchasing, as it’s better to know what would fit best for your needs. Learn more about WeBoost HERE.

4. Customer Wifi

Another additional way to get Wifi when traveling is using internet from a cafe, gym or campground. Starbucks, KOA Campgrounds, or any gym offer Wifi when you sit down and use their establishment. If you know you’re going to be near a city or pay to sit down and stay somewhere for awhile, using an establishments Wifi is a good option when you need to genet simple work done.

Depending on the work you are doing, these Wifi signals can be very weak and aren’t the most reliable.

5. Public Wifi

This option is very similar to number 4, except these are free! Again, it’s not the greatest for getting the best signal, but it gets you by. Public Wifi is best for when you’re in a dead zone and need to send a quick text message or browse the web on your phone.

Here are a few examples:

  • Library

  • Welcome Centers

  • Truck Stops

Finding internet on the road can be one of the biggest challenges especially if you are camping off-grid or in a National Park. With a little planning ahead, road trips can be a lot easier with a better connection!

Have any questions for Drifter? Leave a comment or send us a message on how we can help! Contact us HERE.

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