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Keeping Your Camper Cool In The Summer

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Whether you’re a full time van lifer or a seasonal road tripper, chances are you have experienced some extreme weather temps. We can try to avoid the extremes as much as we can, however retreating to cooler or warmer locations can become exhausting!

With the soaring temps and heat waves that are inevitable for the summertime, it can be hard to keep your campervan cool.

Maximize Your Air Circulation

Stagnant air can make you feel like you’re just sitting in a sauna, except worse and you can’t escape it. Start off by opens up your van, if you can. Getting bug nets are a big hack for summer! That way you don’t have to worry about giving bugs a free invitation to your home.

Another option are fans. Fans are key to beating the heat! Finding a fan with minimal power draw is the best option. We recommend installing a fan in your roof! But if you are looking for a more budget friendly option, a USB desk fan or portable battery operated fans are the next best bet!

White Paint

Lighter colors are known to reflect the sunlight rather than absorb it like darker colors do. Having a white van or painting your roof with a solar-reflective sealant can cut down the absorption of sunlight.

Get A Dehumidifier

Humidity can become overbearing when there isn’t much ventilation. Investing in a dehumidifier can save you the agony of trying to breathe through your nose. Depending on your budget, these are a few options:

Windshield Covers

Getting a windshield cover can make all the difference. The reflective material on these covers prevents the sunlight from making the car get unbearably hot. This is a budget-friendly and effective way to keep the sun away from your electronics and the heat out!

Install An Awning

What sounds better than sitting outdoors, cooking food and looking at beautiful scenery? Hard to beat that one. Adding an awning to your van has many benefits. Protecting yourself from the sun and rain, more room to move about, and overall enhancing your van life experience!

There are always options to get an awning professional installed or if you decide to DIY it, here is our previous blog post guiding you through the process!

Portable AC Units

The most expensive but the most affective way is using a portable AC unit. If you feel like nothing is working out the way you'd hope, investing in a portable AC can help give you that relief you are looking for.


No matter where you decide to travel to, live your best life and try to stay cool this summer 😎 Please make sure you Leave No Trace to respect the wildlife and parks for years to come! Get outside and enjoy camping season! Happy exploring! 🚐

If you have any questions or just want to chat with the experts at Drifter, get in touch with our friendly team today! Contact us HERE!

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Oct 19, 2022

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