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New Year, New (Cleaner) Van

The New Year offers a wonderful opportunity to bring your van into 2023 looking as pretty as it deserves to! Deep cleaning your second (or primary!) home may seem daunting, but with these simple tips and tricks, the only thing you’ll be feeling is a serene readiness to take on the road - and look fabulous while doing so.

Organization is key when it comes to making deep cleaning an easy and efficient process. Starting with the top and working your way down will ensure you’re removing as much dust and debris as possible. Use this checklist to give yourself peace of mind that you’ve covered all of the bases (and don’t be shy, if we miss something, please leave your recommendations in the comments!).

Things you will need:

  • Vacuum with attachments (an extension wand will be sufficient, but a crevice cleaner may help with those hard-to-reach spots, as well as a car-cleaning nozzle for your cockpit space)

  • Hot water for all washing tasks

  • Paper towels, microfiber towels and/or your favorite washing aid(s)

  • Cleaning products (For help choosing, check out our blog on the 5 Best Organic Cleaning Products!)

Begin with removing everything that you’re able to; maybe this means decluttering and/or throwing away anything that no longer serves you. This would be a good time to remove all bedding and give it a good wash (and any dirty towels/rags from the kitchen and bathroom!).


Now we’re ready to tackle the top to bottom approach. Using a vacuum attachment, suck up any cobwebs that may have collected on the ceilings. Don’t forget the cockpit and bathroom! Wash the ceilings with your favorite cleaning product if you think they need some love. If there is space between any fixtures and the ceiling, vacuum the top of all these fixtures and give them a rub down. Vacuum/dust all vents and fans, taking out the screens and vacuuming them, even hosing them down if they are extra gnarly.


Next, wash down all walls, paying extra attention to the walls/surfaces surrounding your kitchen area. Spray and wipe down all windows, then do the same with all mirrors. I’d take this time to knock the bathroom out, cleaning the shower, sink and toilet. Give the floor and any cabinets a good vacuum and wipe down. Once you’ve finished, close the bathroom door to keep it sparkly clean! Vacuum and wipe down any closet space you may have, being sure to close them back up after cleaning. Wipe down all surfaces in the cockpit and wash the windows up there if you haven’t already.


It’s time to take on the kitchen and living area. Dust all areas that you are able to. Vacuum out all cabinets/drawers in these areas and give them a good wipe down. Toss any expired or stale food. Scrub all kitchen surfaces and give the sink some TLC. Remove everything from the fridge and thoroughly wipe down the inside, doing the same for the freezer. If you have a microwave, put a bowl of water in there on high for a minute or two, to make wiping it down easier on you. Clean the oven. Wipe down/vacuum all surfaces in this area, including all tables, desks, chairs, couches, laptops and tablets you may have. Whew! Almost finished.


Now that everything is clean and all the dust and debris has settled, vacuum all floors, being sure to get between all nooks, crannies and corners. Don’t forget about the cockpit! Finally, wash all floor areas, and boom! You’ve successfully (and hopefully painlessly!) deep cleaned your van. Ahhh, nothing like the scent and sight of a freshly cleaned home.



No matter where you decide to travel to, live your best life!

Please make sure you Leave No Trace to respect the wildlife and parks for years to come! Get outside and enjoy camping season! Happy exploring! 🚐

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