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The Drifter story is one that melds construction and travel, with the team bringing a deep passion for both.

Our mission

Paul and his team of designers, interior designers, engineers and craftsmen understand the importance of quality materials and workmanship. They also appreciate that van life is so much more alluring when the freedom is paired with comfort and style.

The Drifter mission is to help people fall in love with a life on the road, by creating vans that allow you to explore in bliss. We create visually stunning, high quality and luxurious vans that you’ll continue to enjoy many years and many miles down the road.


Paul was a relative later-comer to travel, strapping on a backpack and journeying to South America in his mid-thirties. But he more than made up for lost time, travelling up and down the continent

for more than a year.

On his return home, finding himself in a world where borders were far harder to cross, Paul spoke to a team of close contacts about an idea. Drifter was born.

Drifter Vans is a way for this group of Detroit natives to unite their passions of travel and engineering, while also paying tribute to their Motor City roots.

Our Quality Guarantee

Here in Detroit we like to work with our hands, and we take deep pride in what we do. The only thing better than seeing a customer’s face when they collect their van is knowing that they’ll be enjoying it for hundreds of thousands of miles to come.

Architectural plans

A unique collective of craftsmen and gearheads based out of Motor City, the Drifter team brings together experts that cover every aspect of campervan creation.

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Whether you’re talking cabinetry, upholstery, electrical systems or interior design, we have the skills to bring your dream van to life.

Our Team

Paul Domish

Founder- Owner


Kathleen Nalli

Interior designer

The build team

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