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Elevate Your Drifter Van Adventures: Unleash the Full Potential with Our Comprehensive Resources. From Manuals to Expert Tips, We've Got You Covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the build process work?
    The journey begins with a consultation which you can book through our website or phone. Someone from our experienced sales staff will ask you a few questions and guide you through your options based on your needs, wants and budget. Once you’ve settled on your preferred model and design features, it’s time to book in your build. Whether you choose a Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter, our network of trusted Detroit auto dealers can supply the latest models at a great price. Three months prior to the commencement of the build we’ll sit down with you and go over all the details, ensuring that the build process is crystal clear. Once the final build contract is signed, we’ll be ready to create your dream campervan! It’s time to make your van a home! Each of our clients is unique, and our vans reflect that. Send us your inspirations, and our professional interior designer will create mood boards for you.The work begins when your van is delivered to us or picked up from the dealer by our team. Depending on the model, the features you choose and the availability of materials, builds generally take six to eight weeks to complete. During that time you can watch your camper come together through weekly progress reports, complete with photos. Build complete, your van is ready for the open road! Either pick it up from our shop or have it delivered via our shipping partner uShip. The only thing left to do is decide what your first adventure will be!
  • How much do camper van conversions cost?
    As a custom luxury van conversion brand the additions are limitless. The cost can vary depending on your additions and van type. In general you can expect for the conversion price to be around 120k for a fully livable custom designed van.
  • What does the Warranty cover?
    For your van build we warranty our work for a year. Should you have any issues with your van that we can fix after a year we are always happy to help you out!
  • Which Vans do you work on?
    We have four different types of Van Models: The Wanderer, The Nomadik, The Custom, and the Drifter. In each of these models you have the option of getting a Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, or Ram Promaster.
  • Should I get a 2WD or 4X4 van?
    It depends on how you would like to use your van. The Promaster only comes in 2WD. The Transit and Sprinter come in AWD option. It is more expensive but definitely worth it if you plan on driving in the snow or off roading.
  • Can you add an air condition unit?
    Yes you can!
  • Do you install camper van seats?
    In your van you can add benches to your seat that are not road legal or install road legal seats that can flip into double seats, but they do take up quite bit of space in your living area.
  • Do you do small camper van repairs and installation jobs?
    We can do repairs and small installation/add ons for our clients and vans we converted.
  • Do you service conversions done by other companies?
    At this time we do not service vans we did not convert.

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