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The Wanderer


Designed for those who enjoy traveling in comfort and style, whether taking extended breaks or embracing life on the road. This model features heightened functionality and livability while retaining the gorgeous design that Drifter Vans is known for. While it doesn't include an indoor shower, it comes equipped with an outdoor shower in the garage area, just like all our models.

The Wanderer Model

Starting at: $99,950  (Van not included)


Choose Your Van

The Wanderer model is built on the Ford Transit Ext. or the Mercedes Sprinter 170" 

Interior Design

At Drifter Vans, we understand that each journey is unique. That's why we offer personalized design services, allowing you to collaborate directly with our interior designers to create a camper van that perfectly reflects your style and needs.

Regular Body

Discover the thoughtfully crafted design of our Drifter model's interior. Each view showcases the optimal use of space and functionality, ensuring a comfortable and practical experience for all your journeys.

Top view


Passenger view 

The passenger side features a swivel seat with a patented adjustable flip table. This table can be adjusted up for use as an extended counter or down to serve as a table for the passenger swivel seat.