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5 INCREDIBLE And Affordable DIY Van Life Hacks

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

1. Install Hooks, Anchor Points, And Carabiners Throughout Your Van

Installing hooks and putting anchor points down is the best hack for van life. When you’re on the road, things can start getting a little bit chaotic in the van. Those things you forgot to anchor down? Yeah, they’re sliding across the floor and crashing into other objects.

To avoid this from happening, installing cup holders and putting in anchor points will hold things securely. Using carabiners, you can easily clip thing onto them to make them even more accessible!

2. Organize Your Things In Packing Cubes And Baskets

Having things fly all over your van when you don’t organize and put them away is arguably the worst thing in van life. No one likes that kind of chaos. That’s why organizing your things and putting them in storage bins can be life changing on the road.

Being able to easily find what you might need to grab from your van when you’re in a hurry is significantly less stressful and time consuming when you have an organized system.

3. The Shower Hack

If you don’t have a shower for your van, no problem! There are quite a few ways you’re able to shower in peace without breaking the bank. Getting a Portable Camping Shower Tent is great for just about anything.

Enjoy the comfort of privacy for changing, showering, or using over an outdoor toilet is a great solution if you do not have it already installed in your van!

4. Create Your Own Bug Net

This is the cheapest and easiest way to create a bug net for your van!

All you need is:

A Bug Net

Sewing kit

Big Magnets

Small Magnets


In the summer the bugs can be brutal and it gets hot fast in the van. Instead of sweating and being attacked by bugs in misery, this simple hack will make your summer nights so much better.

Watch this video on how to HERE

5. The Bungee Cord Hack

Just like organizing your stuff in bins, a bungee cord can do a whole lot for keeping your kitchen supplies in place. All you need is:

Screw Hooks

Bungee Cords

Installing the hooks on either end of the wall and hooking the bungee cord on each side creates a barrier for your spice rack and cooking bottles so they will stay in place.


These are all budgeting friendly, easy ways to overcome a few obstacles in van life.

If you have any van life hacks to share with fellow nomads, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you have any questions or just want to chat with the experts at Drifter, get in touch with our friendly team today! Contact us HERE!

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