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Clever Storage Tips and Tricks for your RV or Conversion Van

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

So you have this exceptionally cool van that can take you anywhere on this vast continent that your heart desires and has everything you will ever need already built in, right? Yet somehow something isn’t quite right… Perhaps the only glitch in the matrix is that you’re experiencing a lack of creativity (or motivation, possibly a combination?) in terms of organizing and utilizing your space efficiently. There’s this weird middle ground between feeling like your van is the perfect size, but there’s not enough room, and yet it’s still a smidge too large for that tiny parking space your sedan used to fit into. While we can’t do much about the latter (and who truly cares

about fitting in, anyway), there’s so much we can do about the former! Let’s talk about van storage tips and tricks to get you into the dominion of contentment with the space you have.

Van Storage
Van Storage

If you’re ready to start tackling the art of exploiting the nooks and crannies of your van, skip to the next paragraph. Those of you who are lacking the inspiration required for the following tasks, we suggest you put your favorite album on blast, close your eyes, and dance (no, really, trust us) until you’ve released the tension inside of you and have unlocked the pathways to your imagination. Whether this took you one song or the entire album, welcome to the bright side. If you need some extra inspiration, check out ‘The Minimalists: Less is Now’ on Netflix.

Now before going any further, keep in mind while going through all of your things that camping size equipment for your kitchen and bathroom will save you tons of space (and they’re so CUTE!).



Before organization can take place, a deep, thorough purging of your space must be initiated. It may seem forehead-slapping-obvious, but it’s worth the reiteration: freeing up space makes life freer. The clearer your space, the clearer your mind; the more open your space, the more open your mind. Start with ditching the things you haven’t touched in over a month and definitely ditch the things you have yet to touch (except for emergency items!). Ask yourself that popular question that was circulating the internet a few years ago when questioning whether to get rid of

a certain item but take it up a dial - “does this bring me immense joy?” Anything that stirs up scrutiny must go. Only the things that are hard yeses should stay. Every inch of free space counts! If you’re a collector of books, first off good for you, but second consider keeping just one that you haven’t read yet and donating the rest. Experimenting with the different types of ereaders may be a better alternative, or you can stick with keeping just one book (or a few special ones if you cannot fathom letting them go!) in your van at all times. Making a habit of regularly purging will help you thousandfold.


Van Storage Ideas
Van Storage Ideas

If everything has a home, then organizing on the daily is a breeze. Snag some clear storage bins for cleaning and kitchen supplies so that everything is neatly together and easily identifiable. Collapsible, clear storage bags for clothes will save you a lot of space, time and sanity when trying to find your favorite top or that particularly cozy hoodie. Divided organizers in drawers can double or triple the storage space. Having a specific place for your shoes is important - put them in storage bins on the back of your main door, and if you need more room, attach storage bins on the exposed side(s) of your bed. Hanging fabric shoe organizers on the back of your main door would work, too! Try your hand at do-it-yourself for this and sew together

some of your favorite old t-shirts or old bedding to create a truly unique piece. The main objective is to create homes for all of your stuff and to keep your resourcefulness flowing throughout the process.

(More!) Clever Tips and Tricks

Van Storage Tips
Van Storage Tips

After purging and organizing, you’re finally primed to take a fresh look around and spot the usable spaces in plain sight. Try any number of the following:

Use any window and wall space for hanging items (creating more homes!).

Attach shelves on the back of your kitchen doors for smaller items like spices and oils. Switch to a magnetic knife rack. Hang or place your laundry hamper in the shower. Look up to see if you can do something with all that ceiling space - use velcro strips to attach small electronic items like remotes or add some overhead shelving.

Making a routine out of regularly decluttering and organizing, along with shrinking your items to camping size, adding lots of hooks and shelving, and switching to clear storage containers will all allow you to maximize the storage capacity of your van. Turning your space into your perfect space will take some time and brain power, but once you have it set up just right, you will be

thanking yourself endlessly!


No matter where you decide to travel to, live your best life!

Please make sure you Leave No Trace to respect the wildlife and parks for years to come! Get outside and enjoy camping season! Happy exploring! 🚐

If you have any questions or just want to chat with the experts at Drifter, get in touch with our friendly team today! Contact us HERE!

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