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Remote Work

Updated: Jun 4

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to travel full-time? Work on the road? Live that true Drifter Camper Van life? Those dreams have never been closer to becoming a reality for any of us who yearn for it.

A revolution is happening in the physical landscape of what a workplace can look like and in the psyches of both employers and employees. In 2019, only about 6% of the American workforce worked from home. During the pandemic, roughly 34% were working remotely. Today, the percentage of remote workers is at 26%, over four times the figure from three years ago. Remote work is changing the way we think about our ideal workspace. For people like us, who value the freedom to go out and soak in the beauty of our world, it is the silver lining after a complicated time.

The benefits of switching from office life to remote life is virtually boundless. No more exerting physical and mental energy before the work day even begins dealing with long commutes or bumper-to-bumper traffic. No more buying expensive office attire or having to take the time to do so. No more laborious time spent getting ready. No more paying for pet and/or child care. While working from home, you’re able to make your perfect cup of coffee and your favorite homemade lunch from the comfort of your own kitchen. Dissolving everyday work-related expenses could put some serious extra cash in your pocket.

Now you’re probably wondering: but how? That entirely depends on your line of work. Are you able to work from home in your current employment situation? Are you willing to switch to one that is? Some of the most popular options, if you’re not already in a position to seamlessly transition to remote work, are fields such as customer service, recruiting, digital marketing, sales, writing, editing, data entry, tutoring and teaching. There are also tons of freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, SolidGigs, PeoplePerHour, TopTal and WorkHoppers that can help you find work. The beauty of these platforms is that you can take on as much or as little as you like and on your own time. Creating your own schedule provides you with a better work-life balance and enables you to live your life the way you want to.

The next question may be, how do I get reliable internet access while on the road? Satellite internet is debatably the best option, but also the costliest. Starlink offers this type of service for a one-time hardware cost of $599 and monthly charges that range from $110 to $135 with options for pausing service in monthly increments. They have a specific package for RV’ers where the hardware is installed on your vehicle and is resilient even in the harshest environments. In addition to Starlink, there are plenty of other options including, but not limited to, mobile hotspot devices, portable routers, 4G USB modems, MiFi, coffee shops and workspaces like WeWork or Impact Hub. If you have the will, there are many ways.

Still not convinced? Take the first step and ask your employer if this could be an option or start your search on what type of remote work would be best for you. It may be surprising where simple first initiative can lead you… Whether it’s somewhere along the Rocky Mountain range, the secluded wilderness of Alaska, the rugged coastline of California or your favorite big city, is entirely up to you.

Let us know if you’re already living this untethered lifestyle or if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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