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The Rise of Glamping: How Our Luxury Camper Vans Redefine Outdoor Experiences

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is a portmanteau, combining the words “glamorous” and “camping”. It is the luxurious union of nature and comfort. Glamping structures can include tipis, yurts, cabins, domes, cottages, pods, or large tents. Where camping relies on a tent and primitive amenities, glamping provides modern shelter and most or all the creature comforts. Imagine sleeping on the cold forest floor with only a small, thin mat of separation between, using your hands or arms to rest your head; and then imagine sleeping in the forest on a memory foam mattress with bamboo pillows and 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets. This is the difference between camping and glamping!

What Is Glamping
What Is Glamping

Why Is It So Popular?

Glamping is said to have been originally coined during the early 2000’s in the UK. Since then, it’s growth rate has been exponential - particularly during and after the pandemic. Having to be cooped up inside has given people the extreme itch to get back outside and into nature. The huge rise in interest in eco-tourism, adventure travel, and wellness journeys have paved the way for glamping to harvest a lucrative market. If you don’t have memories of childhood camping, you are probably very intrigued by the concept - but as adults, who wants to lay on the ground and bury their excrement? With all of this neck, shoulder, and back pain? No way (but major props to those that do!). This is where glamping fills that uncertainty.

Camper Vans
Camper Vans

How Do We Elevate the Experience?

Glamping in a Drifter Camper Van is next level luxury. Peep our website and social media to get a better idea of why!

Rather than putting strain on your neck, shoulders, and back carrying in your supplies to your glamping site, you will have them at your fingertips inside your camper van, wherever you decide to stay.

Instead of being restricted to glamping sites, with one of our Drifter Camper Vans you are able to choose your own ideal location in nature. You also have the treat of changing locations at your discretion - and bringing your custom glamper-on-wheels with you anywhere you want to go! Having the freedom to glamp wherever your wheels take you is arguably the best perk.

The privacy, safety and comfort your van will provide cannot be stressed enough. Our vans deliver protection from weather, theft, and wildlife dangers as well as plush living quarters. Having your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom all within the same four walls will be a gift you’ll appreciate trip after trip (and every night you wake up and need to use the restroom)!

Designing your own Drifter Camper Van gives you full control over what you do and do not want as part of your glamping set up. In addition, you have total control over the style of your camper van. Playing with styles and themes is half the fun! Are you more of a cozy cottage, cabin-feel type person? Or do you need more of an open and meticulously clean space? Maybe you like the handmade and rustic look, or the eclectic and artsy one? Whatever you choose, you can be certain that you’ll have an upper hand in the glamping world with your very own Drifter Camper Van.

Luxury Camper Vans
Luxury Camper Vans


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