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How To Install A Roof Mounted Awning - WITHOUT A Roof Rack

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


The first step in installing the FIAMMA awning on a Promaster is to install the brackets for the awning to be secured in place.

Start by locating the oval shaped - factory pre-determined mounting point as shown below.

The FIAMMA Bracket system is a two part system that adapts to the “factory pre-determined” mounting points. Once the mounting points are located, install “part 1” of the bracket in 3 separate points of the van. Front, middle and rear.

“Part 1” of the bracket system is designed to slip on to the post of the “factory pre-determined” mounting points. This part will be secured in place by tension when the second half of the bracket system is installed.

Before moving forward, remove the nuts and washers from part 1 of the bracket on all 3 mounting points and set them to the side but keep them close. You will need these parts on the next step.

Now, you are ready to install the second part of the 2 part bracket system!


This piece is responsible for holding the awning in place and also secures the first portion of the bracket system to the “factory pre-determined’’ mounting points on the van once the nuts and washers have been screwed into place as shown below.

To do so, locate the 3 aluminum awning brackets. Once the parts are located, place beutel tape on to the feet of the brackets before placing them in their corresponding installation locations.

The smallest bracket will always be installed in the middle of the van/awning.

Both of the longer brackets belong at each end of the van but also have specific bolt hole locations. The bolt holes will be placed over top of “part 1” of the bracket system, and the majority of the bracket will be running towards the middle of the awning.The front bracket will be the exact opposite of the back bracket with the majority of the bracket running toward the middle of the awning. Check to make sure that brackets are installed in the proper locations then continue the install by tightening down the nuts and washers you set aside in the last step from “part 1” of the bracket system. This will secure both parts to the van. Tighten until brackets are firmly in place.

Pictured : Back of van example/reference photo - Promaster - FIAMMA awning

Once the bracket system is in place, using a plastic knife, trim off the excess butyl tape around each bracket if applicable.

Pictured below : All three brackets in place and installed in the correct location.

Next, you’ll need to create a seal between the brackets using the supplied adhesive foam stripping that is found in the box with the awning.

Cut the foam strip to size to match the distance between each bracket. This will require 2 pieces of foam.

To install, simply remove the paper backing of the adhesive strip on the bottom side of the foam and stick it into place along the side of the van. The strip should be placed where the bottom of the awning will meet the van to create the “seal” ash shown below.

Pictured : finished install with foam strip “seal” in place - awning meets with foam strip.

Now, move on to placing the set screws in their respective locations along the brackets. Each bracket gets 1 set screw each.

Start by sliding the nut into the same channel the hole for the set screw is located. Once the nut is in place, then, thread them into the nut far enough for them to stay in place but not to go past the thickness of the material/channel for now. These will be tightened down after the awning is in place.

Pictured : set screws in proper location - threaded in enough to hold its place but not tightened down.

Now, the awning is ready to go into place and be secured to the van.

Ask another co-worker for help. As a team, using separate ladders, safely lift the awning up and on to the brackets and position the awning into its final location.

Be sure that the awning does not stick out past the end of the van and also does not hang over the front/windsheild of the van as well.

Once the proper positioning is achieved and the awning is more or less centered to the side of the van, the awning’s set screws can now be tightened down to hold the awning in place - As shown below.

Once all three of the set screws have been tightened down and awning feels firm and secure, the installation is complete!

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