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Vanlife With a Pet

Updated: Feb 1

What could be better than embarking on your next Drifter Camper Van excursion solo? Bringing your beloved furry friend along, of course! Let’s explore the best ways to accommodate them and how traveling with a pet can enhance your vanlife experiences.

Pre-Trip Checklist:

  •  A trip to the vet will ensure the health and safety of your four-legged friend during your trip. Be sure to ask your vet if they have any specific recommendations for traveling with your pet and bring any necessary medications that they may need.

  •  Buy an animal tag with your full name and primary phone number on it. Proper ID will ease your worries in case you and your pet get separated somewhere along the way. Consider getting your pet microchipped if you want to be extra cautious.

  • Start slow. Get your pet acclimated to your van by simply sitting with them in it at first, giving them treats when they follow your commands. Once you think they’re ready, take them on short trips to different parks in your area so they begin associating van rides with exciting new walks.

  • Collapsible food and water dishes will save a little space in your van. Try using them for meal time before you begin your trip to get your pet comfortable with them.

  • Bring your regular pet food with you to avoid any stomach problems and always carry extra, just in case. Don’t forget the treats!

  • Along with enough water for yourself, make sure to bring enough for your friend, too!

  • To keep them happy and engaged, pack their favorite toys and at least one puzzle-type game.

  • Depending on your pets size and behavior, decide whether a crate, seat belt, or car seat

  • Create a sign that you can hang in your window whenever you have to leave your pet

  • Map out potty breaks where possible. Ensuring your friend gets ample relief time is key to both of your comfort!

  • Unless you are in a gated or fenced in space, refrain from letting your pet roam freely. Always keep them on a leash. Use your best judegment to keep them safe.

  • Provide them with adequate exercise as often as you can. Allow your pet to expend their energy so you can both stay calm, relaxed, and optimistic.

  • Whenever you have to leave your pet in your van unattended, for any reason, always leave the windows slightly cracked and hang your sign in an easily visible place.

  • Never let your pet become too hot or too cold. Be conscious of the temperature, both inside and outside of your van.

How to travel with a pet

The Best Company

No one needs to tell you how much you value quality time with your pet. However, there’s nothing like breathing (or sniffing!) the fresh air of new places alongside your best friend. You’ll know what we mean once you’ve experienced it yourself! Whether you’re driving or scouting, having the company of your furry pal will deliver an entirely different perspective to your journey.

Travelling with pets

Traveling With a (Second) Purpose

Showing your pet new parts of the world is just as (and possibly more!) exciting than experiencing it just for yourself. Having your pet tag along brings more meaing to your vanlife voyages. Carrying the responsibility of having to provide exercise for your furry friend helps your body out, too! Take the time to appreciate not only what you’re providing for yourself by exploring the world, but what you’re providing for your companion, as well.

Most importantly, have fun and make the best of your special time together!

Pet van life tips


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