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The Joy of Slow Travel - Embracing the Journey at Your Own Pace

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Vacations are hardly vacations these days. We come back from our vacation and we need a vacation from our vacation! It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Have you ever given yourself the luxury of a leisurely approach to travel? Taking things slow, not rushing anything, allowing yourself to breathe in the tiniest of moments? Here are some reasons why you should start planning your very own Drifter Van slo-cation.

To Experience True Relaxation

If you’re constantly on the go, you’re constantly on autopilot and simply surviving. You have to slow down and take things easy in order to alleviate the stress accumulated in your body and to feel peace within and outside of yourself. Just because you’re in a home that has wheels doesn’t mean you have to utilize them! Try staying in one location for an extended amount of time. Take the time to do nothing, to just be where you are. When you have to return to “real life”, whatever that may mean for you, a new sense of clarity and bliss will follow you.

To Be Open to Really Getting to Know Places and Their People

Visiting somewhere and staying somewhere are two totally different things. One just brushes the surface and the other goes deep. Dive in to wherever you decide to go. Stay parked a while. Seek out the place's history and learn about it’s past so you can appreciate it’s present. Frequent your favorite coffee shop or bookstore and get to know the people that are there. Find out their stories and share some of your own. Opening yourself up to the place you’re inhabiting and to the people that are there with you will open your eyes and heart to the euphoria that exists in everyday affairs.

To Find Space to Breathe and Be Present

Perhaps the best part about traveling in your van is the easy access to the outside world. Whether you’re driving or parked, you’re able to step outside at a moment’s notice and be immediately immersed in nature, in the beauty of our Earth. Take a step outside, wherever you are, and close your eyes. Allow yourself the next few minutes to just breathe. What do you hear? What do you smell? What does it feel like where you are? Appreciate all of the information you’ve gathered through your senses, take one more slow, deep breath, and gently open your eyes. You may close them again in gratitude, if you feel called to do so. Imagine the perspective being able to enjoy this small piece of respite will bring into your life, smack dab in the center of your next destination. Now go do it already!

To Have the Time to Discover Hidden Gems

I’m sure you’ve seen social media reels of incredible places tucked away in the far corners of the world - but what those reels don’t tell you is that these hidden gems exist EVERYWHERE. The only way to discover them is to stay put long enough for a local or fellow traveler to mention them to you. Or, if you’re really lucky, with all that extra time you’ve allotted for your trip you’ll stumble upon one all by yourself. Those are always the best stories to tell and the sweetest memories to cherish. Go find out for yourself!

To Experience the Pleasure of Reconnecting With Yourself

Arguably the best reason to explore the joy of slow travel, it is often the most overlooked. We tend to focus on things to see, things to do, or finding iconic photo opportunities. The real magic of life is within you; within all of us. Giving yourself the time, the space, the energy, to reflect on and listen to your true self is the greatest gift of all. What do you really want? How do you really feel? What do you really see? Easing up on your travel pace will help unwind your physical, mental and spiritual tangles, snarls and knots. Get to know the real you again! I bet you’ve missed her.

You shouldn’t have to take a vacation after your vacation. Embrace the journey at your own pace, granting yourself the time and space to really relax, discover, experience, breathe and reconnect. Gather your essentials and head out onto the open road! Slowly, now.

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Audrey Avila
Audrey Avila

This description is what I needed to solidify downsizing and saving for my Drifter Custom van! As a young grandmother of 5 - I still have my youth to LIVE while making memories…showing them you’re never too old to be disciplined on working towards your dream. See you in about a year!


John Donabedian
John Donabedian

Thanks for the slo-cation post, it's just the inspiration I needed!

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